The Serenus Press is promoting an advanced academic program titled Business and History. Its objective is to link the study of history and historians’ methods to solving problems common to private enterprise. To download the entire revised and expanded contents, visit our Business and History page.

Establishing a Business and History Program
~ Contents ~


  1. Why Business and History?
    • Goals and Participation
    • Trial Programs
  2. Economic and Historical Literacy
    • Chronology
    • Oral History
    • Archival Management
    • Evidence and Sources
  3. Logic, Reason, Common Sense
  4. Accounting for Value
  5. Numeracy and Technology
  6. Dealing with Uncertainty
    • Statistics
    • Polls and Surveys
    • Future Prospects and Forecasts
  7. Communication
    • Composition
    • Oral Presentation
    • Electronic Media
    • Publicity
  8. Examination
  9. Career Advice
  10. Bibliography

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