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Careers for Students of History - Guides history students through career options; provides overview of appropriate positions and careers in all sectors, including tips on seeking jobs. 4th Edition. 10 pages.
History Advisory Councils - Why a history department should have an Advisory council and how to establish one. Details activities, planning, direction, benefits, and checklists. 12 pages.
History As a Literary Art - Championing clarity, vigor, and objectivity, Samuel Eliot Morison offers advice on making history - and writing - come alive. 6 pages.
What Can I Do with My Liberal Arts Degree? - Conducts students through the process of taking stock of their qualifications, pinpoints career and job goals, and draws up a plan for starting a career. 12 pages.
Value History! - Corrects misconceptions that history is an impractical "for-academics-only" subject. Illustrates benefits that the study of history brings to personal, civic, and professional lives. 2 pages.
Accounting + History Timeline - Presents key events in accounting practice set in historical perspective. Kindles historians' and accountants' interest in the study of history. 8 pages.
Insurance & History Timeline - Presents key events in the development of the insurance industry and the many risks covered. 5 pages.
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